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Marrapodi Architecture is committed to providing our clients with many options for designing sustainable buildings through intelligent use of energy and responsibly manufactured building materials.

We diligently strive to design efficiently, on time, and on budget. My philosophy is to keep things simple and personal.

Using our skills and experience as design professionals enables us to make a significant contribution to the built environment.


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Bob Marrapodi is a consummate professional. We started with an empty lot in the woods on a knoll and designed a house specifically for the site. He gathered ideas through a process of determining my wishes/program (indulging a few ideas, correcting others, but basically coming up with something I can say, after living here for almost a year, is just about perfect for my needs). He offers a good mix of professional opinions and advice, but also listens to and explores the client's own ideas, sometimes in his office, with product samples and budget estimates, other times on site during construction and at suppliers. He had many clever ideas in the arrangement of space, built-ins, products, and interior design elements. He also had a productive relationship with the general contractor, forming a team of three. I enjoyed working with Bob, love the house, and highly recommend him.


Bob does excellent work. He has innovative design ideas and is very clever when it comes to finding material that fit one's budget and achieve a beautiful, high-end result. I highly recommend him for new house design and large scale renovation.

James Gellert

We worked with Bob on a medium scale interior house renovation, which included kitchen, bathroom and structural work. Bob was very easy to work with, worked within our budget and had a design sensibility that matched ours. He was very professional, had a terrific contractor and overall the quality of the work was strong.

Andrea Gellert

We recently finished phase one of a multi-stage renovation project with Bob which included cosmetic changes as well as structural work and the addition of a bathroom. Bob understood our design goals and worked with us create and execute a plan that met our needs. He honed in on our aesthetic quickly and provided products and finishes that worked within our budget. Given that we were not living in the home full time during construction, Bob was also our eyes onsite, keeping us apprised of the project’s progress and any issues that arose. Bob is extremely responsive and easy to work with and has an incredible attention to detail that you see in the finished product. We highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again soon.

Erin Volkmar

Bob has a wonderful eye to making a project truly fit in with the rest of the property. He designed us a garage for our farm that suits it well and really fits in.

Tracie Ruzicka

As a general contractor I have worked for architects in the past and have seen a variety of styles and temperaments. In my experience few compare to Robert Marrapodi. We have worked on numerous high end residential projects and I have found his taste, style and attentiveness to detail of the highest caliber. Most recently we worked on a whole house historic renovation in Millbrook, NY. Throughout the project he was available for any questions that arose and acted as a collaborative part of the construction team. He helped keep the project on track and his experience with this type of work allowed the project to come to fruition both on time and on budget for the ultimate benefit of the client.

Peter Clark

I had the pleasure of working with Robert Marrapodi on a kitchen design in a historic renovation he was completing in the area. From our first meeting, he was focused on achieving the needs of his client and meeting their requested deadlines. His attention to detail was impeccable and it can be seen in the stunning finished project.

Shana Strauss-Hues

Bob Marrapodi was the architect we worked with for 2 projects. The first was a detached garage, and the second was an addition to our home. Bob was extremely responsive, and listened carefully to our wants and wishes. Once the plans were done and the work commenced, Bob checked in periodically to ensure the projects were moving along as planned. We would highly recommend him!

Joanna Jusino

Robert has now completed two separate large projects for us. Both projects were complex. He not only did a great job with the planning of the project but he also made sure the execution was great. He is a fantastic architect and I would always recommend him for a job.

Tim Clark

Robert helped us with two renovation projects: A bedroom and bathroom redo and the addition of two new en suite bathrooms to two second floor bedrooms. The designs were excellent and he worked well and most professionally with both the contractors and the town building inspector. He made himself readily available, trouble shot issues that arose, and supported the entire process.

Frank Alagna

Robert Marrapodi is a full service architect capable of working with any design style and with any budget. We asked him to develop a plan to open up our 1950s ranch and give us a nice modernist look with lots of light and bringing the outdoor beauty in. He worked with our budget to find the best products and finishes we could afford and gave us realistic options and solutions that were within our reach. He also made some great suggestions on the fly to deal with issues that came up during the construction. He worked really well with the contractor and was hands on enough to ensure the project stayed on track and within scope. He has a terrific aesthetic and a good feel for what the customer wants. We especially like that he did not push us to change style or direction and respected what we were trying to achieve. We really enjoyed working with him and recommend him very highly. Photos are available on the Clark Construction Services tab which we also highly recommended on this site.

Hamel Wolff



Based in Rhinebeck, Marrapodi Architecture excels in custom, eco-friendly design solutions for residential clients since 1999.

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